Thursday, April 8, 2010

Living the Artists Life

The finished project being auctioned off.

Me starting on my "quick draw" piece for the Live Auction. I had 1 hour to complete it.
Susan working on her "quick draw" printmaking project
(she even brought a press)
and me with the gesso.
4 "Exquisite Corpse" collaboration pieces that I was a part of all were auctioned off this evening for a good cause.
These were all created by Zella, metal artist, Nancy, painter, Marianne, mixed Media, Susan, print-maker and me. It was such a neat experience to be asked to be a part of this.
This was the start of my "quick draw" piece. Though I was not technically drawing but creating an assemblage. I started with this birdhouse, then
gessoed it and stained it with various acrylic paints.

The next step was to add collage items, and more paint.
The final project. "Every Little Thing" I used was something that was no longer wanted for it's original purpose. The metal hummingbird was from a broken wind chime. The Book spine was from a book taken apart by my friend Aimee, who makes journals out of the covers. The bird on the twig was from my artist friend Miriam, who gave me an old assemblage of birds that I have taken apart.I talked to the lady who was the highest bidder and she bought it as a wedding gift for a woman that loves hummingbirds, so it was perfect! I love to talk to the people that buy my art, because more often than not...they say it was as if the piece was made just for them (or for whoever they are purchasing it for.) So cool.

There has been some talk among my various artist circles about what constitutes a "real" artist. Well after this week and especially after the We Art Women Fundraiser tonight, I told Marianne...well I finally feel like a real artist.

This has a been a busy week for me with museum docent training, two museum tours, Treasure Valley Artist Alliance Meeting (I'm on the board), helping out with silent auction items for WAW for three hours on Sunday and three hours today and then returning this evening for the actual event.

The cool part is that I was chosen as one of 4 "quick draw" artists for the event, and these 4 items were the only live auction items. So I got to make art all evening and talk to those that came by my table with what it is that I do.

Oh, and last but not least I had a piece chosen for the 2 month extended exhibit. The juror Sue Latta said she could only choose 32 out of 190 pieces submitted, so that was quite an honor to be chosen.

I did not make any money myself this week but my art made money for those in more need than myself and if I can do good with my art, then it is all worth while. And don't worry, I'm not "starving." :)


Nanc said...

I love your wonderful altered bird house. WOW, it is just stunning. I love how you used bits and pieces of everything. You are indeed an artist.

Maude May said...

Pam - great work!

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks Nancy! you are so sweet!

Pam McKnight said...

and thanks Maude May! I didn't see your comment until I posted mine!