Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bring Amtrack Back to Boise

At the March Arts and Crafts show I attended a few weeks ago, I bought this light up wooden toy train station from Cindy Allen. She said she couldn't wait to see what I was going to do with it. I promised to have it ready for 1st Thursday in April which is this Thursday. So this past week I have been busy working on it.
First I added a light coat of white gesso. Then I found some 3D Idaho stickers and thought of the whole issue with trying to get Amtrak back to Boise this past year but that financially it just doesn't seem like it is going to happen...so I decided to make it into a Boise train station, our current Boise Depot is a museum/event center.
I added white caulking along the edge of the roof, almost like decorating a cake or gingerbread house. And painted details along the sides.
I collaged miscellaneous items including the four railroad cards from an old monopoly game, on the roof and added more paint.
Next, I collaged tissue paper and added 3D items like real rocks, a miniature german shepherd (just about everyone in Boise has a dog except me), chess pieces to the corners, a hand carved vase with flowers and a wooden train (stamped on the bottom of the train: Made in German Democratic Republic) I did not glue the train down and it can roll around and be played with.
added more layers of transparent paint and gel medium.
To see the train station in person come to First Thursday (click for details)


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Although I don't always comment, I love your blog. This piece is exactly something like I would do with all of the found objects, etc. Our tastes must be similar.