Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things are happening this week!

So I met this muralist the other night at the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance "Mingle at the Modern." Randall Miller who is making educational video's of artists. He films them in their studio's or homes and just lets them talk about their art. I thought what a cool idea, but I don't think I'll do it. Then I saw one he did of Melissa, another artist in the TVAA, whose work I really admire and thought- I can do that.

We made an appointment and he came over yesterday at 3. We walked around the house and into the studio and back patio and I showed a lot of my art and collections and talked about my evolution from painting to collage to adding 3D elements to doing almost all 3d assemblage at this point.

I know I was very nervous at first- having no script, and when I am nervous I talk really fast, and say dumb stuff like " you can see my art at: and then I gave my email address. My husband was listening from the back room and assured me I sounded very articulate.

Tonight I went on to YouTube and found he already put part one up-here is the link to my first YouTube video.

I also went on my first docent tour Tuesday at the Boise Art Museum and followed my mentor Bonnie Peacher. What a good experience that was.

Then I wrapped up the day by going down to Kristy's studio and got to hang with Kristy, Marianne, Vicki, and Nancy while working on a new assemblage piece and drinking some good wine Marianne found at the Grocery Outlet of all places. It's always refreshing to get to work with others instead of by myself, though it is hard to decide what to pack and bring and then you always forget something you really need!

The fun did not end today when I was notified that I won my very first online art challenge! It was the "Inchie" challenge I blogged about a few days ago and won a frame for them. Yeah!

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