Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Hunt and Gather Expedition

Today my daughter and my friend Nancy and I had a fun girls day out. First we stopped at an Art tag sale and visited a few friends. Then we ventured out of the Boise Bubble and actually got on the interstate and went all the way to Nampa and Caldwell. I have lived in Idaho for over 2 years now and had never been to these two towns before. (Except for driving through them without stopping.) Today was the Re:Use art market monthly opening. Everything is free for artists with a donation. I got a lot of wood items, some candles, old razor blades, and small silk flowers. Katherine and Nancy also found some cool stuff. And we got to shop in the White Pine boutique up front and Katherine bought a short sleeve grey sweatshirt.
We walked around the downtown area and saw quite a few cute shops we would like to come back for when it is warmer and to visit the Sat. market when it is open.

Then it was off to Caldwell, the main attraction there was a Tex-Mex restaurant that I had met the owner of -last summer at the Boise Sat. Market. He was originally from San Antonio. Well when we walked in and saw the Huge Texas Flag on the wall and the cooler of Big Red Soda it felt like we were back home. After a satisfying lunch of Cheese Enchiladas it was off to see what Caldwell had to offer.

Well we got back in the truck and saw a huge billboard down the street that said "Arts and Crafts" so we head that way and found a block of 3 storefronts that were just filled with art stuff. I bought a big roll of white paper to use for my seamless background for when I photograph my art. A miniature giraffe and a wood cello. This was a HUGE store and the woman at the register knew the price of everything. (even things that were not marked)

Down the street was a thrift store and antique/collectible store which we stopped in before going back. I purchased the book and creepy doll with the cut off hair.

So all in all it was a great day.
Now it's back to creating....

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