Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Luck

I just finished reading a book about survival in extreme conditions, and who survives and why. It pays to be prepared and to be able to keep your head in an emergency, but like a roll of the dice...a lot of it comes down to just plain 'ole good luck.

This piece came about when I was testing the whole wax with resin idea on the plastic cowboy.
The cowboy is in a top from a tea canister. The words in wire and beads that spell Good Luck were given to me by my daughters when they both gave me all of their scrap booking paraphernalia. I added the dice as a symbol of luck. All the items are attached to a metal tin that a CD came in. The yellow thing is also a test piece for the wax/resin. It is a button in a metal bottle cap.

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marianne said...

i read that book too, and liked it. was struck by how much of the survival had to do with opitmism and simply believing, which seemed to make folks more was fascinating