Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Productive day and night

After my last post of getting organized and getting stuff done, I hadn't posted or finished any art. Not that I haven't been doing anything, just not finishing anything.

Well I got a lot done today! I finished about 6 new pieces of art that had been in various stages. Including the one above.

Then I went to Kristy's Studio that she is an Artist In Residence in in BoDo. Nancy, Marianne, Kristy and I had fun hanging out and working on our art. I completed 10 ATC's. Kristy has the studio until the end of February so we will probably go back next Tuesday evening.

Some of my other projects have been getting started as a docent at the Art Museum. Getting voted onto the board of directors for a new non-profit starting up- The Treasure Valley Artist Alliance, entering a 3 day recycled theme arts and craft fair held on Valentines weekend and starting a Facebook page for my art titled "Every Little Thing." Guess I haven't been slacking after all!

This assemblage was put together using 2 odd's and ends I had floating around that I had picked up at thrift stores. Playing around with them I saw that they fit together and kind of looked like a trophy. My good friend Sharki gave me a necklace for my birthday/Christmas and the packaging that came with it was too good to throw away and I cut it out and used it for the "plaque" on the trophy. It says "Dear friends are always close to the heart." I also attached some gold beads and caulking and then painted layers of color to unify the piece and make it look old.

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