Sunday, January 31, 2010

fun time scouting for cool stuff

Katherine and I had lots of fun going to thrift stores yesterday. I dumped it all out on the table and added up the receipts. I spent a total of $7.88 I can feel good about it being stuff that no body wanted anymore and the $ goes to charity.

Katherine had done a massive room cleaning and had to drop some stuff off at the Salvation Army and of course since I was there I had to look around and found a whole bag of misc. game pieces, then while we were out we might as well stop in at the Antique Mall- were I bought the Victorian lock, then it was on to the Idaho Youth Ranch, cause I need a lampshade for a project and still had not found one- BINGO! they had a slew of them, picked one out and yes- it fit! Tonight's project is to paint butterflies on it to match the base.

Today I went to find the location of my next art sale. Feb. 12, 13 and 14 from 11-6 at 6521 Ustick Road, Boise. We are located between a sex shop and a Baptist Church! Stop by and say hi.

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marianne said...

oooh! good haul! love the game pieces especially! look forward to the outcome.