Monday, November 23, 2009

North End Organic Nursery

My friends and neighbors Lindsay and Ray are starting a new business all about being "green" and "local", Lindsay asked if I would like to put some of my pieces in their new gift shop which is opening this Friday- Black Friday. She was especially looking for things that used recycled materials. I spent yesterday going through my inventory and picked out 32 items to box up and bring her today. Wednesday will be spent setting up the shop and I am going to go down and help, the cool thing is the location is less than a mile away and they did not build a new building but are recycling and reclaiming a structure that has been empty ever since we moved here 2 years ago.

So how are the items above made using recycled materials you might ask? Well they are all made of items I either already had or found at garage sales, thrift stores etc. then I put them together in new ways and give them a second life. What was once someone's trash can now be someone else's treasure.

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