Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frogs at the Studio

Tonight was a fun night at the studio with Marianne and Katherine. When we arrived it was nice and warm but by the time we left it was in the 5o's in the building and I was shivering. None of us accomplished much but it is always nice to have someone to talk and gossip with and share ideas and a glass of wine.

While trying to decide what to work on tonight I came across a couple of frogs I had bought at a yard sale and decided to bring those along...then when I went to pick up Katherine, she handed me a frog and said "here, this is for you" so guess I was destined to do frogs tonight. This piece is made from an old tea tin, childrens wooden blocks, and a plastic tree, which was left for me to use tonight by Miriam whose studio space we meet at.

Now that I have wireless internet with a speed faster than the old setup were the decrepit hamster had to spin on his wheel in order to get enough bars on the modem to do anything, I will try to post more often and post more of the art I have been working on.

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