Monday, September 28, 2009

Hyde Park recap

Ok, this photo has nothing to do with the Hyde Park Street Fest other than that it was taken near there last spring, when I was hiking and had never published it.

Hyde Park went ok, lots of great people watching, lots of positive feedback. Didn't make any money but made a couple of little girls really happy when I slashed my price in 1/2 and they could buy something with their allowance. My goal was to break even and if you don't count my time, I did that. 25 hours to sit in a booth is a long time, but I am not complaining. This is something I always wanted to do and now I am doing it. I did sell three of my favorite pieces the "I will be good" , The vintage tile frame, and the Vintage Sun Valley collage.

One of the best things about the location of my booth was it faced the "Camels Back" and I could watch the little kids climbing it all day like a bunch of ants. There was a huge crack down the face of it and a lot of the little ones were using that to climb up in. At night they were still climbing and all I could see was the glo of their glo sticks inching their way up, pretty cool!

Tomorrow is my 50th birthday and my husband and daughter are having a party for me in the evening. In the morning I will be mountain biking in the foothills before the big storms arrive.

Then in 2 days my friend Nancy and I will venture to Portland for the "Art and Soul" artist retreat and workshops...more when I get back....

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marianne said...

hope you & nancy had a great trip! look foward to hearing about it! visit my blog- i have something there for you....