Monday, June 15, 2009

It's fun when work is play

Some new additions to my "ABC's of Every Little Thing"
"S" is for Shoes

"N" is for Ninja
3" W x 5" H x 1 1/2" D

Red Roses

"M" is for Monkey

Randy Rabbits

"P is for Pigs


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam--good to see you're back posting again. Where'd you get those monkeys? These blocks are so cute!

Pam McKnight said...

Susan, thanks for reading my blog. Its good to be back posting. I have had internet troubles with clearwire. They sent us a new modem and it is as crappy as the old one! Can't wait until our contract is up. I have had those monkeys for a long time, don't remember were I got them. Glad you like the blocks. Pam