Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Mexico

Sunday was an artful day. Nancy and I went and hung out at Susan's Studio and worked on some projects together and visited. I completed this collage while there. I had started it a few years ago and then had put it aside. I should have taken a before picture as it looked very different. The center bark painting and the 4 milagros hidden on the mat were all bought in Mexico. Then I embellished the mat and the frame and added the "Loteria" cards and 3D items on the frame.

It was a nice change of pace working at Susans...(note to self- do not lean over to get something on the floor when seated in a rolling office chair on a slick surface) Afterward we went to see the documentary " Who Does She Think She is" about 5 women artists and their struggles juggling their art and their families. Little did we know a BSU documentary class was meeting there that night and after the movie they had a Q&A with 3 local women artists. It was a nice surprise.

So this week is spent getting ready for "First Thursday" I will be showing with the Gypsy Gallery at 6th and Main in Boise from 5-9 pm.
I finally got some nice tablecloths, the cheap $1 store ones I used last time looked horrible. Put hangers on work, boxed things up. Bought some wire racks at a JoAnne's that is moving. Got my permanent Tax ID # and am still working on re-photographing all my work.

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Pipping said...

Wow! Sorry it took so long for me to realize I had my very first comment!

Just spent the last hour reading through your blog and it's been eerie in a wonderful way! I've been wondering when someone would find my "message in a bottle," and this was a lot sooner than I thought it would be, although I knew when it happened, it would be someone who would be inspiring. :)

So happy to meet you and looking forward to seeing more of your work!