Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Silver City Inspiration

Picture post card perfect. My husband and I had the opportunity to snowshoe into this old mining town in the remote Owyhee mountains in Idaho. The roads are closed all winter and the only way in is to walk or snowmobile. It took us 4 hours to go about 5 miles and a couple thousand feet in elevation.
Day 2 was an optional hike to SawPit Peak. I decided to stay in town and explore and take photos. We were privy to a tour of the Drugstore, which it's newest drug was dated 1906. We also got to go in The Masonic Hall. Our hotel was built in 1863. Our bed and furnishings were all original. The light fixtures are all original and are now run by solar power. It was like staying in a museum were you are allowed to touch stuff.
Some of the blind contour sketches I did while relaxing at the hotel. These will probably be incorporated into some kind of collage.


Ricë said...

love the drawings!

marianne said...

nice- looks like it was pretty up there! too bad pat's store wasn't open.... you must go back in the summer for indian jewelry!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you trekked all the way up there! I've always wanted to stay in the hotel in the winter--I hear it's just like camping only indoors. I'm impressed with your drawings too!