Thursday, February 19, 2009

Art Was Her Saving Grace

This one has been brewing in my head for a while. Everyday I move around the pieces, adding and taking away elements, changing the title and the theme. As it stands now it is named "Art Was Her Saving Grace" Many of the pieces are items from my dollhouse from the 60's, the painting is a watercolor that I completed a few years ago. All the household chores surround her but she keeps her wits about her with her art.

Here is what I finally did with the polymer clay tiles that I baked in the toaster oven. I glued them on a frame then added seed beads and antique buttons to fill in the area around the tiles. I then used acrylic gold ink to paint over the seed beads. The edges of the frame are painted with a pattern using acrylic paint. I collaged patterned tissue paper on the mat and downloaded the 1920's photo from someone from one of the yahoo groups I belong to. Thank you whoever you are. The photo and mat can be removed if someone wanted to use the frame for a picture of their own.


marianne said...

both great! love how the frame ended up!

Pam McKnight said...

thanks marianne!