Saturday, November 1, 2008

Frida Fun

As an art teacher one of my favorite artists to teach about is Frida Kahlo. So much of her art is centered on her pain, that I wanted to show a "fun" side, and besides this one was fun to make. Her home in Mexico was painted blue so I painted the wooden box blue and the sides are collaged with lotto pictures. The flowers on top are a tribute to the flowers she wore in her hair. I used to live on the Texas/Mexico Border and have collected many Mexican trinkets over the years.


Who am I? said...

I think I like this one the best. They are all great, There is just something about this one...
Which one is your fav?

Your baby sis,

Pam McKnight said...

this is also one of my top favorites, I also like the Art Angels, one reason I used it as my header. As I make each one, it becomes my favorite.