Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mosaic Table Top and Welcome Sign

This table has been on my project list to do for over a year. It was my husbands table and it was the one artistic thing he had asked me to do since moving into our house 16 months ago. I had looked at some measly mosaic supplies in town... got the business card of a local mosaic artist...was going to take a class... etc. finally a new JoAnne's opened in town and I had some 40% of more stalling. I bought some grout and some mosaic glue and a package of broken colored glass. When I got this home, I realized it would not be nearly enough to cover the top. I made a couple more trips for grout but wanted to make the table more personal than just "bought broken glass" My daughter came over and we started going through my collections...I added river stones from my friends that visited New Zealand last year, seashells from South Padre Island Texas, my polished gem collection from Knotts Berry Farm that I got when I was eight years old. A New York Subway token...some glass "stones" leftover from a large sculpture project that I left cemented in the back yard in my old house in Texas.

While in Mt. Shasta California I picked up a plain "Welcome Sign" on the bargain table. I was going to use this for a project to sell and meanwhile stuck it on a nail outside our front door, Bill said "while you 're at it, why don't you decorate the sign to match the table" good idea! I added paint to match the side of the table and glued pebbles we found on the beach in Santa Cruz. Now I'm keeping that one too.

A Place for Everything

I bought this little shadow box/dollhouse cabinet at Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store. I had all the little dolls and toys from my mom's childhood, my childhood and my girls. First I collaged and antiqued the cabinet(it was a pepto-bismol pink), then I added all the 3-D figures and beads using "liquid nails" It also has a Plexiglas cover to keep out the dust.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Work

Collage/Assemblage of one of my favorite pastimes, as well as most artists and teachers I know. $50

This purple piece is made in a cigar tin, with a credit card cut for the frame surrounding a postage stamp from England. Beads and baubles surround the image and a dusting of gold unifies the piece. In keeping with my Alphabet theme, I have named it Purple Pence. (the postage stamp is marked 6 1/2 pence) $25SOLD

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kay Seurat Jewelry: Honor Roll

Kay Seurat Jewelry: Honor Roll

Kay's Jewlery class was lots of fun! I still can't believe how a little block of clay can turn into real silver charms in one day! Click on the underlined words to see our work.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

C. W. Moore Exhibit

"Spring Reflection" Original Acrylic 26"x19" $200
"Junction Landscape" Original Acrylic 26"x19" $250
Original Acrylic $100 "San Miguel de Allende" 18"x24"

What a beautiful day today. 70's and sunny! Last night I went to the studio and hung out and visited with Marianne and Nancy and talked about possibly going to Art & Soul in Portland in September. Hope that works out. I worked on two projects which I am finishing up and will post later.

This Saturday Nancy and I are taking a metal clay jewelry workshop. Should be fun and different.

Pictured above are my paintings that are currently hanging for a 6 month show at the C.W. Moore Building @ 5th and Front St. in downtown Boise.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Mexico

Sunday was an artful day. Nancy and I went and hung out at Susan's Studio and worked on some projects together and visited. I completed this collage while there. I had started it a few years ago and then had put it aside. I should have taken a before picture as it looked very different. The center bark painting and the 4 milagros hidden on the mat were all bought in Mexico. Then I embellished the mat and the frame and added the "Loteria" cards and 3D items on the frame.

It was a nice change of pace working at Susans...(note to self- do not lean over to get something on the floor when seated in a rolling office chair on a slick surface) Afterward we went to see the documentary " Who Does She Think She is" about 5 women artists and their struggles juggling their art and their families. Little did we know a BSU documentary class was meeting there that night and after the movie they had a Q&A with 3 local women artists. It was a nice surprise.

So this week is spent getting ready for "First Thursday" I will be showing with the Gypsy Gallery at 6th and Main in Boise from 5-9 pm.
I finally got some nice tablecloths, the cheap $1 store ones I used last time looked horrible. Put hangers on work, boxed things up. Bought some wire racks at a JoAnne's that is moving. Got my permanent Tax ID # and am still working on re-photographing all my work.